Boob luge and Body Shots on a Party Model

Ever heard of boob luge? Bored of licking the salt off your hand when you do Tequila Shots? Then Body Shots is definitely what you need to get the party started! Time to stop drinking your shots from a dirty bar and add a sexy body to it. Let me tell you how we do it at MojoSons: How we ...
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Double Stag Party in Bangkok

What would you do if two of your friends were getting married? Here’s the Double Stag Party story. ...
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Sushi Bangkok Guide, forget about the plates.

Eat sushi off a naked girl in Bangkok. You have a lot of choice for sushi in Bangkok, ...
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The PIMP Bangkok

We now have our membership at the PIMP Bangkok! Which means we now got the golden ticket for us, ...
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Where to watch McGregor vs Mayweather in Bangkok?

McGregor vs Mayweather is finally happening After all this talk and promotion, it’s finally happening. In Bangkok, on ...
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Khelo365 Sleepless Nights

The story starts 3 weeks before New Year Eve when we got an email from Khelo365 asking for assistance in ...
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Pool Party in Bangkok

My friends, here’s finally a list of the most popular pool parties in Bangkok. We’ve been asked that ...
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