That’s the end of (at least for now)

Our two founders went separate ways, but keep the MojoSons brand alive.

You can always organize a party with the hottest Thai Girls by reaching out to

The other still blog about life in Thailand, travel and parties at

And Matt created to help creators reach their full potential.

So MojoSons is not dead, we’re just taking a break to come back different, and stronger.

People ask a question.

What’s a MojoSons?

And I tell them it’s not about money, fame and social media followers.

Oh, no.

There’s more there more than that, my friend.

We all like a bit of the good life.

Some, the lifestyle.

Some, the crazy parties.

Others travel, good drinks or hot chicks.

But a MojoSons, oh, he’s different.


Because a real MojoSons wants the fucking lot.

To be continued…

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