2017, Monkey Business taking over.

Now 2017 is starting and we're really to take over the world.

As we were expecting it, we went through a lot of ups and downs, hard challenges and many surprises.

That’s the way it’s supposed to be I would say.

Of course, we’re only getting started and have a lot to learn and improve. But let’s be honest:


MojoSons Adventure

So far, so good, I would say.

We were lucky enough to have clients ready to believe in us, some with big events (Gotzha & Khelo 365).

Our mindset, determination and skills proved we were right to get on this adventure and build this business with our personalities, balls and vision.

We still have a long way to go, but for sure we begun the right way.

During those first events, we built and reinforced our network and relationships with a lot of partners that are now part of the Mojo Family.

And we’re looking for a lot more to join this group this year.

mojosons boat party bangkok champagne

2017, We’re coming at you!

We still hungry for more, a lot more! This fast start and all this challenges just strengthen our determination to CRUSH IT!

Before we go back to the craziness of making 2017 the best year ever let’s take a moment for something we should do more often, BE GRATEFUL AND SAY THANK YOU.

A big “Thank You” to our clients for trusting us, to all those that trust us for their events to come, the one that spread the word about us and of course the wonderful people that worked with us on each and every events (including the gorgeous girls).

We were only 2 Monkeys 3 months ago, now we’re already a family that is expanding fast.


Expect to see us everywhere in 2017, we got a lot of surprises to come!

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