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Long story short?

We’re two young french guys, living and having the time of our lives in Bangkok while building our first business and trying to make a name for ourselves.

By trying I don’t mean hoping, we’re working our asses off to make it happen. The only thing is we still love to party like crazy and enjoy everything that Bangkok has to offer.

It’s why we get into the Event Planning business. Not because it’s easy. It ain’t easy.

But because when you love to party like we do and get all this experience from so many nights out, it just make sense to help people having as much fun.

Mojosons was born.


All the dreams we have, this bucket list of ours, we want to turn it into reality.

Good thing is, Bangkok and Thailand in general is a great playground to make shit happen. So we’re living like crazy “farangs”, moving toward our goals and enjoying as much as we can on the way.



Anyway, that’s why we’re taking you on the ride with us on this blog and social networks (big snapchat and instagram fans), from our coworking space in Thonglor to some infamous clubs downtown.

Anything that we’re living, our favorite restaurant, worst night stories, our successes and failures in business, the best burger in town, the few things that Matt knows about thai language, all the things that Nathan know about it….

You’ll have a taste of everything here, as if you were there.


Follow us, learn about the ins and outs in Bangkok, live the adventure, join the club and why not get inspired to start yours.

Meanwhile, pleasure to meet you, and looking forward to meet you (at least, on internet if you can’t make it here).

Sit back, enjoy reading, and watch us rise!


Party everyday!

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We want you to have as much fun as we do living here.
Bangkok's Nightlife is full of secrets we want to give you access to.