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After watching Dan Bilzerian for years (we even wrote him a letter), we figured out there was a lot of people out there that want the same life, including us. So we created MojoSons Events.

Who are MojoSons?

We are 2 french Monkeys in our 20’s that have party and nightlife in our blood. After years of insane parties in Thailand we thought it was time for us to put our experience (the good and the bad) and network to serve others.


We know how tricky it is to plan a party overseas. Even after a while living here, it still tricky. You can get the best or the worst time of your life, and everything in between. It’s why we put together MojoSons Events. To help people have the best experience possible.


MojoSons Events

In 2016 we started MojoSons, this blog and social networks where we share our stories and fun parties in Thailand. Then we launched MojoSons Events to help you put together an epic trip for you and your friends. Save money and time, take advantage of our network and experience to make unforgettable memories.


We organize all kind of trips and events, from Bachelor Parties in Bangkok and Pattaya to corporate events like a boat cruise on the Chao Phraya. Our large range of services and activities make it possible for us to adapt to all request, for all kind of groups. We focus on creating a custom made experience for each group, as each of you have different expectations and requirements.


This website

Here you’ll find more about what we do. Stories from parties we organized, places we recommend, details on our services and much more…. We try to share as much as we can to help as many of you out there in having the best time ever in Thailand. Don’t get tricked by what you read online, with the right guidance and advice, this country has everything you can dream of.


If you want to know more about us, what we do or if you’re planning an event/trip in Thailand, feel free to message us anytime.


We’re looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully to have the chance to meet in person for a drink.


Until then, enjoy the blog and share the Mojo.


Nathan and Matt


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We want you to have as much fun as we do living here.
Bangkok's Nightlife is full of secrets we want to give you access to.