Who's MojoSons ?

We're a team of passionate party goers who live in one of the most exciting and beautiful city in the world, Bangkok.


After years of parties in Thailand, we decided to start MojoSons Events to put our network and experience to help others have the time of their live in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Now MojoSons Events is one of the main Party Organizer agency in Thailand with over 100 events each year.


We have the chance to organize all kind of events, from a Bachelor Party of 2 people to a Corporate Boat Party for over 200 guests.

Our goal is to make sure you get the best party experience with your family, friends or guests.

mojosons selfie yacht mojobabes
With 200+ events and over 2,000 guests we've had the occasion to do all sorts of events:

And you can too. 😇

Thailand is one of the best place in the world to Party, with awesome weather, girls, events and probably one of the best value for money ! 💸💸

So if you're coming to Thailand and/or planning any kind party in Bangkok or Pattaya feel free to drop us a message !
We’ll make sure you got the right info to make the most of it ! 😎🎉
Looking forward to helping you have a blast! 😎
Nathan and Matt 🐵