Meet the 2 Monkeys behind MojoSons

We're 2 young French Guys living in Bangkok (Paradise 🌴)
Nathan (the blond one) have been here for 7 years and Matt (ginger) over 2 years.
After partying for a while in Thailand, mostly exploring Pattaya and Bangkok nightlife, we happen to know quite a lot about what makes a good party over here!

That's why back in 2016 we started our own event planning company, MojoSons Events.
That's the opportunity for us to put our experience and network at work for you so you can have as much fun as we do in Thailand.
Bachelor Parties, birthdays, business trips, corporate events... anything that is focused focused on party,  we're here to help.
mojosons selfie yacht mojobabes
With 200+ events and over 2,000 guests we've had the occasion to do all sorts of events:

And you can too. 😇 Thailand is one of the best place in the world to Party, with awesome weather, girls, events and probably one of the best value for your bucks! 💸💸

So if you're coming to Thailand and/or planning any party in Bangkok or Pattaya feel free to drop us a message!
We’ll make sure you got the right info to make the most of your stay! 😎🎉
Looking forward to helping you have a blast! 😎
Nathan and Matt 🐵