Alcohol in Thailand : Rules, Tips and Delivery

Doesn’t matter if you’re coming for a trip or staying here, there’s a few useful things you need to know about Alcohol in Thailand.

Because yes, you cannot buy alcohol anywhere anytime and that's a shame.

And yes, you can find almost everything here but some brands can be really expensive.

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What time can you buy Alcohol in Thailand?

There’s one weird thing nobody can explain and that everybody forget about all the time. Even us.

In Thailand you can only buy alcohol in Shops between 11am and 2pm and 5pm to Midnight.

I repeat, you can online buy alcohol in shops between :

  • 11am to 2pm and 5pm to Midnight

Don’t ask us why, it’s an old law. But stock up when you can, keep some alcohol at your place for this dry hours.

Note that it only applies to shops though. You can still buy drinks in bars, restaurants and clubs, as long as you drink them there. No take away allowed.

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Where can you buy Alcohol?

In Bangkok and Thailand, you can buy alcohol pretty much anywhere. 7/Eleven Shops, Supermarkets (Big C, Tesco, Makro…), Liquor Shops… Only thing you need to pay attention to is, the time.

For international brands, premium brands, wine or champagne, we found Villa market and Tops to have really good prices for Thailand.

In Clubs and Bars. If you buy a bottle there, you can almost everywhere, take it away with you when you leave or save it for the next time. In most clubs, you can order a bottle at the last minute and take it home to finish it.

Good to know if you’re getting out of the club at 4am and you can’t buy alcohol at 7/11.

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Stock Up at the Duty Free

Buy at the Duty Free on the Way in!

Alcohol is heavily taxed in Thailand. So unless you can survive on Thai Beers and Alcohol for all your stay, buy a Bottle at the Duty Free and ask your friend to bring some too.

You’re allowed up to 1 Liter per person (but you can try to bring more, it often work).

The difference can be quite significant and if it’s a handful of you, with 1L each, you might be able to survive the weekend on what you bought.

🐵Mojo Tip: For Champagne lovers, buy it at the duty free. Wine and Champagne is ridiculously expensive here.

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Alcohol Delivery in Thailand

Don’t break a sweat, avoid queuing right before 2pm to buy a case or a bottle… get booze delivered straight to your door.

There’s a few services that will deliver beer and alcohol to you :


Wishbeer is doing way more than beers now. You’ll like their large selection of Craft Beers from all over the world. And on top of that, now they’re doing everything from Wine to Spirits and even glassware…

Delivery take 1 day in Bangkok for Beers, and about 2 to 4 days for Spirits and Wine.
That’s not the best if you’re craving a fresh one right now. But if you’re going to stay in a villa or a hotel for a few days, you can easily order in advance and stock up for your stay.

Check out Wishbeer


Liq9 is another popular option. Quite similar to Wishbeer but with a larger selection for spirits, especially whisky.

Check out


For same day delivery in Bangkok, you can use Happyfresh to get Alcohol from Wishbeer, Villa Market or other shops....

Get 200฿ off your first delivery



Why can't you buy alcohol between 2 and 5 in Thailand ?

Because it's the law. Nobody really know where this law come from but you can't buy alcohol in shops between midnight and 11am and 2pm to 5pm.

What time can I buy alcohol in Thailand ?

Between 11am to 2pm and 5pm to midnight. (Except on Buddhist holidays)

Why there's no alcohol in Thailand today ?

Probably because it's a Buddhist holidays. The alcohol is always banned in Thailand during those days. Check the list of public holidays, they usually tell you when there's a ban.

Why there's no alcohol in Thailand today ?

Probably because it's a Buddhist holidays. The alcohol is always banned in Thailand during those days. Check the list of public holidays, they usually tell you when there's a ban.

How much alcohol can I bring to Thailand ?

You can only bring 1 liter of alcohol into Thailand. But you can always put a bottle of 1 Liter in you check in baggage and buy some more at the duty free.

Take Aways on Alcohol in Thailand

In short, here's what you need to remember about alcohol and alcohol sales in Thailand :

  • You can only buy alcohol between 11am to 2pm and 5pm to midnight
  • Alcohol is heavily taxed, stock up at the airport
  • You can get alcohol delivered to you door

There you go.

If we forget anything or if you have any follow up question, just ask the in the comments below.

Cheers 🍻

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