Axe Throwing in Bangkok

We're always looking for new fun things to do in the city, and after hearing about Axe Throwing in Bangkok all year long, we finally stopped by Golden Axe Club in Lat Phrao (in the north of Bangkok) to check it out.

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What is Axe Throwing ?

Now, even if you never heard of Axe Throwing before, you probably can guess with the name.

Coming straight from Canada, this new activity that is getting popular all around the world is all about throwing sharp Axes and Knives at a target, while drinking beers. Sounds fun right?

And well, we must say, honestly, it's as fun as it sounds.

It's a bit like darts, with bigger and sharper toys. Plus, it's accessible to everyone. Guys, kids, girls... you don't need to be a big dude with a beard (even though it might help), anyone can do it.

Why Throwing Axes is the new thing?

Because it's fun, not that difficult, not that expensive, and believe it or not it's as safe as going bowling. For real.

In just a few minutes, with no prior experience, you get pretty good at it and have a good time kicking your friends ass.

And if you need a few advice, here's a few tips from us:

So first, grab a beer, because everything is better with a few drinks.

Then listen carefully to the instructions so you know the safety rules and stay away from sending your friends to the hospital and getting sued for everything you have.

It's no rocket science. Basically, don't go grab you axe while the person next to you is throwing as the axes can bounce back off the target if you throw too hard.

Because yes boys, it's about throwing at the right time more than throwing hard so don't need to act tough, a girl can easily kick your ass.

Other than that, we don't see how you could get hurt, if we managed to stay safe even after a few beers, you should be able to manage it too.

Now, get going. You will see it's not difficult and soon enough you will be able to touch the target every time.

After a few minutes of practice you're in for some fun, all you have to do is focus, throw, and repeat.

Of course it will take more than a session (and a few beers) to be able to throw accurately and start thinking about the World Cup, but it's fun right away.

And once you're getting confortable with it, you can do a little contest between you and your friends with an instructor counting the points for you. This way you can get the loser to pay for the last round of drinks.

Axes, Knives, Beers and...

Instagram, because it's the perfect place for a few pictures and a cool boomerang (you got to do it for the gram)

More seriously, they also have different types of Axes and Knives to keep you busy for a few hours.

And if you love challenges, try the Knives, they have all kinds from the small knives to the massive kitchen knives and that will for sure challenge your abilities.

Because knives throwing is way more difficult as axes as the lighter it is, the harder it is to make it stick to the target.

It probably requires a lot more training and skills, but for those who love challenges, feel free to give it a go !

Anyway, it's a great place to hangout for a few hours, eat, drink and play.

Oh and for those like us who don't do anything sober, they have a bar inside their location that sells beers, whisky, soju, and well... soft drinks.

You can also order food from the Thai restaurant around the corner or order pizzas from Gallery Pizza if you plan to stay there a little while.

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Axe Throwing in Thailand for groups and events

Now that you get why Axe Throwing is so cool and popular all you need to do is invite your friends and give it a go.

Their location in Lat Phrao is big and can easily fit groups of 40+ pax so if you're in town for a Bachelor Party, or Birthday, or living here and want to do something different with your friends, it's worth the trip.

Plus, for those who are hosting events in Bangkok or around, they have mobile targets that they can install everywhere. In a Villa, a Park, a Warehouse... they have the staff and the equipment to adapt to all kinds and sizes of events.

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Book Your Session

In for a session with your friends? Or want to hire a mobile target for a private event?

Contact Axe Throw Club on their Website :

New location :

➡ Sukhumvit 10 @ Artbox :  4pm-Midnight

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