11 Ideas for Your Bachelor Party in Bangkok

In the last 2 years, we’ve organized over 200 Bachelor Party in Bangkok from One Night in the city of Angels to Week long trips in both Bangkok and Pattaya for groups of 3 up to over 30 guys.

From all these events, we’ve made a list of the most popular activities.

Whether you’re here for a night or a few days, here are the best ideas for your next Bachelor Party in Bangkok.

the pimp bangkok hostesses

The Ultimate List for an Unforgettable Bachelor Party

You’ve seen the Hangover 2 movie so you’re already stocked about organizing a Bachelor Party in Bangkok?

Well, let’s make sure the groom and your friends don’t get disappointed :

1. Airport Transfer in Bangkok with Sexy Girls and a Midget in Costume

dwarf batman jack bottle gogo bar

What a best way to start a Stag do in Bangkok than walking out of the airport and have the groom greeted by gorgeous party models and a midget disguised as Batman.

Get in the van, grab a cold one, and let the Bachelor Party in Bangkok begin!

2. Book a Suite in a Party Friendly Hotel

ambassador suite davis hotel

Location is everything in Bangkok.

But for a Bachelor Party, not only you need a place close to the nightlife but also one that will not complain about the noise or you bringing guests.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of party-friendly suites.

3. Gogo Bar Hopping in Patpong or Soi Cowboy with a Sexy Guide

bachelor bangkok gogo bar

Because it wouldn’t be a boys’ trip to Bangkok without a stop by one of the world-famous Red Light Districts of the city.

Follow your guide into the best Gogo Bars, get the groom a special treatment, ring the bell, and have a memorable time.

4. Get the Groom Spanked in a BDSM Club

Here’s a special and unique experience for his last night of freedom.

Put him in a cage and let the mistress take care of him.

He’s only allowed to a safe word, the rest will be out of his control.

5. Attend one of Bangkok Famous Pool Party

There’s now one Pool Party in Bangkok at least every Saturday.

blast pool party hilton

Bikini Models, Hot Sun, Great Djs, and your group of friends.

Check our guide for more details

6. Go VIP at Bangkok Clubs !

sing sing theater stairs

A Special occasion deserves special treatment.

Get the best table wherever you go, let the people know you’re here and you have a lucky guy with you.

Experience Bangkok’s best clubs the way you deserve it.

See our list of Clubs in Bangkok.

7. Go Around in Style with a Party Van

party van lights

And keep the party going at all time, don’t let Bangkok traffic kill the vibe.

With a special light and Sound System, this party vans will allow you to stay in the mood between the different activities. Plug your music, bring your drinks and let’s party!

8. Play with Big Guns

shooting range bachelor party

Complete your Dan Bilzerian like a trip with a stop at Bangkok Shooting Range

The perfect activity after a hangover and one that will get the adrenaline flowing before heading out again.

9. Have a Private Party with the Mojobabes

bachelor party bangkok mojobabes

That’s where your Bachelor Party in Bangkok goes from basic to amazing.

A private party with our Mojobabes is an experience like no other.

Add to it Sexy Shows, Naked Sushi, and Shots and you have the real secret to get from a good party to one everybody will talk about for years and turn you into the Best Man of the year!

Private Party in Bangkok

10. Make it rain at the best Gentlemen Club in Bangkok

the pimp bangkok hostesses

The PIMP doesn’t come cheap but will for sure leave the group with memories and secrets that will carry on forever.

A Private Room, carefully handpicked Sexy Girls, alcohol, your group… The rest is history.

More about the PIMP Bangkok

11. Extend the trip to Pattaya

You have more than 24 hours and time to spare?

With a hectic Nightlife until sunrise, cheap Pool Villas, Yacht Charters across blue sea and only 2 hours drive from Bangkok, Pattaya should definitely be on your list.

Bachelor Party in Pattaya

beautiful thai girls party pattaya

11 Pro Tips for your Bucks Party in Bangkok

  1. Make a list of People. See who’s got the balls to join.
  2. Define a Budget. Not everybody will be on the same level, find a middle ground that suits most.
  3. Find the best deals. There’s a lot of money you can save by booking in advance.
  4. Book the right Hotel. Again, one that is party friendly and located near Bangkok nightlife areas. Location is everything in Bangkok and picking the wrong one could ruin your trip.
  5. Book in advance, but don’t over-plan. It’s great to plan ahead and to get a defined itinerary and schedule. But leave some free time to the lads for recovery, “personal experiences” and shopping.
  6. Make a group Chat. To share all details, location, itinerary, booking, and contact details… and another group chat to share the pictures.
  7. Get a Stag Party Kit. Redbull, water, paracetamol, condoms, lighter, alcohol… and all other essentials to make it through this bucks party alive.
  8. Trust Experts. Concierge, Bachelor Party Planners, Friends living in Bangkok… use people with local knowledge to avoid common traps.
  9. Treat Yourself with a Massage. All this hard work to make everyone happy needs to be rewarded.
  10. Enjoy ! Create lasting memories and make sure the groom has the time of his life.
  11. Whatever Happen in Bangkok stays in Bangkok. Make sure you keep all the pictures in a safe place. 😅

Anything we’ve missed? Any question?

Let us know in the comments

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  1. Hey Matt,

    My brother is getting married next year so most of the boys have decided, due to different circumstances to have his stag week this coming September. Currently we have 12 in our group and are planning on 6 days in Thailand. We are coming from 4 different locations so as you can imagine, even getting everyone to Thailand is a monumental task on its own, so I am seeking for help in making this an epic time.

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