Wanna know more about our beautiful Thai girls?

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook you’ve probably seen a lot of pictures of our Mojobabes. I bet you’ve noticed we managed to gather some of the most beautiful Thai girls in our team!

And we've received a ton of comments and questions regarding them. So let me tell you more about our gorgeous girls.

beautiful thai girls party pattaya

Not the average Hot Thai Girls

At MojoSons, we call our Mojobabes, Party Models. We want to make sure our guests understand that the girls working with us are not the average girls you'll meet in bars.

All the girls that work on our events have worked for magazines such as Playboy, FHM, Maxim… do photos for brands, advertising, hostesses at shows...

The term “models” stand there to make sure our guests get the difference between our girls and Thai Bar Girls. You’re not gonna find our Mojobabes in the bars or clubs you're gonna hit during your trip.

Unless they're hired by the venue or by a group of clients.

They’re not freelancers, nor from GoGo Bars either. There’s nothing bad about those girls, but if you can get them down the corner, why would you need us?

What we offer is hot Thai girls that are genuine fun! They love to party at least as much as we do. We're really picky about our selection.

That's how we can guarantee every parties we organize will be a unique experience. A party you’re gonna remember and talk about for years.

pretty thai girls pool pattaya

Way More than Pretty Thai Girls

Ready for a kick ass party? Don’t get fooled by the fact that they’re models. Our Mojobabes are not only gorgeous and terribly sexy, they also have awesome personalities.

They love to party like crazy, ain’t shy about drinking and have this special attentions to ensure everyone at the party have a good time.

If there's one thing you don't need to worry about, it's the party vibe.

They’re far from shy and they will put everyone in the party mood as soon as they enter the room.

They know how to adapt to each crowd and create this special ambiance that put everyone at ease.

At the end of the day it feels like a great party with friends.

That’s the experience we like to create.

beautiful thai girl yacht pattaya

The Hottest Thai Girls for the Hottest Events

Since 2016 we’ve brought our pretty Thai girls to countless events.

And every time they succeeded in putting the special that made everybody happy.

Of course, they do countless Bachelor Party in Bangkok and Pattaya, insane Private Yacht Parties in Pattaya but we also worked with them on Corporate Events, Conferences… any special occasions that need a sexy touch to spice things up.

Now with the experience and having worked with over 100 girls in over 100 events, we created a strong team of Mojobabes.

They are our best girls, with really hot bodies and unique personalities.

You can follow our recommendations blindly when we offer them, we know which ones will be the best for your event.

bikini models yacht pattaya

Party with the Mojobabes

If hope that answered some of the questions. Now you got an idea why people call us to bring for Party Models.

When you want to have a crazy party in Bangkok or Pattaya, don’t want to take any risk with girls you don’t know… you just have a to drop us a message.

On top of sourcing this girls, we also take care of all the arrangements for you and bring them straight to you event.

All you have to do is make your selection, we take care of the rest.

Hassle free, no drama, no hidden fees. You can sit back, relax and focus on having a great time with your mates.

mojosons thai girls boat bangkok

Any question that remain? Drop us a message in the comments.

Want our help to organize your next event? Give us all the details about it:

** Disclaimer: Sorry guys but we don’t have public events that people can join to meet our Mojobabes.

All our events are private and made on request for our groups of lucky guys.

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