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Double Stag Party in Bangkok
September 21, 2017

Boob luge and Body Shots on a Party Model

boob luge yacht party pattaya

Ever heard of boob luge? Bored of licking the salt off your hand when you do Tequila Shots? Then Body Shots is definitely what you need to get the party started!


Time to stop drinking your shots from a dirty bar and add a sexy body to it. Let me tell you how we do it at MojoSons:


How we drink shots?

First, it has to placed somewhere between the generous curve of one of our model and it usually involve some licking. Then of course you’re not allowed to use your hand, only your mouth. Then I let your imagination take care of the rest. I want you to dream about it. I’m pretty sure the reality will beat your dreams.


Boob luge?

For those who don’t know what it is, a quick search on Google will give you a lot of visual clues. Best option when you don’t want to think about cleaning the shots. Put salt on the nipples, a slice of lime between the model teeth and get on your knees so we can poor tequila between her boobs. Now you picture how it goes.

We didn’t invent it, but I’m pretty confident we’ve mastered it.

boob luge shots pattaya yacht


Be Creative

Thanks to all the party animals we’ve met and the experience, we’ve been coming up with a lot of new ways to take shots. In all kind of position, with different liquors, with a couple of guys drinking at the same time… You’ll be surprised how many ways there’s to drink a tequila shot or a Jagger Bomb.

What is your favorite liquor and how would you drink it on our party model? Be creative and surprise your friend.


How to organize it?

Of course you can try asking the girl you brought back from the Go Go bar. But first she might not be cool with it and second, your instructions might get lost in translation. Send us a message, tell us what day, time and location you want it. Let us know what alcohol you want (Tequila, Flavored Vodka, Mixed Rum…). We take care of the rest for you.

Don’t tell your friends. Wait until we ring at the door while you’re getting ready for your night out.

This will definitely get everyone in the mood to go out and drunk enough for a wild night out.


Let’s do it!

Send us a message today to get more details and book your next Body Shots. We’re looking forward to make your party special and to get you and your friends an experience you’ll remember.


Girls, we do it with males too, here’s your chance to lick salt off sharp abs and to get drink shots in your favorite position.


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