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2017 and the Monkey Business

2017, Monkey Business taking over. Now 2017 is starting and we’re really to take over the world. As we were expecting it, we went through a lot of ups and downs, hard challenges and many surprises. That’s the way it’s supposed to be I would say. Of course, we’re only getting started and have a …

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MojoSons Logo, the masterpiece and the story behind it.

Here it is: MojoSons Logo MojoSons Logo is a piece of art. And yes we’re completely humble about it 😝. Honestly, it took so much time and headache to come to this final version that I have to brag about it. Yes we’re gonna brag about it because it’s so damn cool. Let me explain …

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Dear Dan Bilzerian

Here’s a letter for you, Dan Bilzerian Dear Dan Bilzerian, we (at MojoSons) are big fans! And we know you don’t care. Seriously? Who have time to care about what people think when you’re busy flying in a private jet with world-class models, skying, shooting, surfing, playing with Steve Aoki… Honestly, we wouldn’t.  Those who say differently are just …

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Welcome to MojoSons Club

MojoSons Club, welcome to the Family Even though we already share a lot online with our 2 websites and socials accounts, the MojoSons Club is for everything we can’t share there. There’s always things we can’t show or discuss in public. And because we’re in Thailand, there’s a lot of it. MojoSons Club Main Goals Be …

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