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Planning a Party in Thailand ?

We know a thing or 2 about those, especially in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Don't be Shy, feel free to drop us a message and we'll share with you our knowledge so you can make the most of your trip.


You need more information regarding Bangkok or Pattaya ?

Tell us what you're looking for, we might be working on it or have ressources that can help you.


Wanna work with us?

You have a business in Thailand that you want to promote?

We're always looking for new partners for MojoSons Events and people to feature on social network and our blogs.

Send us everything we need to know about it and let's find a way to work together that benefit both of us !


Want to Contribute ?

We're open to writers, bloggers and influencers that want to contribute to our content in exchange for exposure.

Send us a draft or the topic you want to cover and/or a link to your blog, Instagram... so we can have a look at your work.

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