Dear Dan Bilzerian

Dear Dan Bilzerian, we (at MojoSons) are big fans!

And we know you don’t care.

Seriously? Who has time to care about what people think when you’re busy flying in a private jet with world-class models, skying, shooting, surfing, playing with Steve Aoki… Honestly, we wouldn’t. 

Those who say differently are just liars.

Even though we don’t agree with everything you are, say or do. We don’t give a shit, you’re fucking awesome!

You’re a hell of a Lucky Bastard

You’re living the life we all dream about (common guys!). Throwing sick parties, hanging out on yachts, participating in fun businesses (Dollar Beard Club, Blitz Fantasy,… ), playing with big guns, traveling, partying with stars…. And fucking hot chicks!

If we have to vote for the best Instagram, yours come first!

Now, everybody got a different explanation for where you money come from. Jealous ones say it from your dad. Haters will comment you’re an average poker player and there’s no way you made that much money only playing tournaments.

Truth is, you have the $$$. Plenty of it. You could have pretended to live like that for a few months. But now that it’s going for years, we know the money is real.

Fun Nights and Business

On top of having the best Instagram out there (23,2 Million Followers as of January 18) you’re also a party animal and a smart businessman.

Throwing sick parties at your villa, on yachts, blowing insane bucks in VIPs… it seems like nothing is stopping you.

Same when it comes to business. You’ve been putting your money where you mouth is and used your influence to develop brands.

We probably would have never heard of Dollar Beard Clubs without you. I bet your investment was worth it.

Now moving to Weed and some new different ventures.. we’re exciting to see what’s coming up.

Dan, let’s talk about girls

I can call you Dan right? Who cares, your lawyer is gonna read it and make us close the website before you have a chance to read it.

Let’s get back to the models. We have really hot ones here, and we love Thai Girls a lot. We’re happy with our MojoBabes… but what you got is a different league!

Where do you get all those dream girls? From agencies? Connections? Instagram? We’ve be looking at all your interviews and we’re still not convinced.

We think you got a “genie in a bottle” that granted you wishes! That’s the only possible option here.

You know what? Nevermind! Like magic, sometime it’s better to keep the tricks secret.

In Short, Dan

We don’t care where your money come from, we don’t care if you’re pretending or really that rich. You have the best lifestyle ever and we love to follow your adventures with hot babes and big mansions.

Even if you’re Wikipedia says you’ll probably die from a heart attack due to your lifestyle. I hope you’ll be fine for another 50 years and you’ll keep living life your way man. You’re doing really well and driving us crazy with every picture of your post.

From all the guys out there, we’re envious.

Or I guess most of the guys are just jealous. But at MojoSons, we’re not. Ok maybe a little.

Not too much. Because you’re Instagram is a reminder. A reminder that we’re not there yet. But we’ll keep working our asses off until we do.

Looking forward to party with you (+ to grow a bear for that occasion), and to meet your models and rockstars friends. DAN for the lifestyle you have (the one we have as a goal)…


Seriously, we got so much inspired by your lifestyle that we created a Dan Bilzerian Package for those who want to party like you in Bangkok or Pattaya.

See you soon Boss!

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