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September 19, 2017
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September 24, 2017

Double Stag Party in Bangkok

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What would you do if two of your friends were getting married? Here’s the Double Stag Party story.


The Mission

Here was the requirements from our guest:

“I have 2 good friends getting married. We’re coming to Bangkok for the weekend, from Friday to Sunday to celebrate this. We need 2 days, 2 nights of crazy party in Bangkok. I want to make sure it’s a weekend they will remember. Make it special.”

Challenge Accepted.


A Crazy weekend in Bangkok

The Program looked something like that.


  • Starting off slowly with a Shooting Range session.
  • Dinner at the Vertigo Bar.
  • Go Go Bar hopping with 2 Sexy Party Guides and 2 Dwarves to lead the group. (the ones on the picture)
  • 2 VIP tables by the DJ at one of of the Club in Bangkok, Levels.



  • Late Morning.
  • Private Party at their Hotel Suite. We definitely made it wild to take advantage of the huge terrace with hot tub.
  • Private Room at the PIMP Bangkok with 15 girls.


Double Stag Do, Double Trouble

It was an intense 48 hours for everyone and we had a lot planned to please everyone and of course prank the grooms.


Starting gently by the Shooting Range. It’s the perfect way to start the weekend and get the adrenaline rushing.


Once everyone get their shoulder sore from the Shotgun, they’re off to Vertigo Bar for Dinner. We also arranged their transportation at all time in what we call Party Vans. Mini Vans with a special light and sound system so they can drink and keep the party going even when they’re stuck in traffic.


Dinner on the 61st Floor overseeing Bangkok. Then off we go for a Go Go Bar Hopping. It’s time to start pranking the grooms.

Not only they have a Superhero Dwarf each, but they also have to dance with them on stage. And that’s nothing compared to the stop at the fetish club, but we promised not to say anything about it.


Finally we hit Levels Club on Sukhumvit soi 11 to end the night. Straight to the VIP section by the dancefloor. A few bottles of Hendricks, Black Label and Greygoose later, it was time to call it a night.


As usual, we didn’t plan anything the following day before 4pm so even the one who get home late had a chance to catch a few hours of sleep before round 2.


They had to be fresh to handle everything we brought for the party. Topless Models, Body Sushi and Body Shots for everyone and a special sexy show for the grooms. What would be a stag do without some special treatment for the lucky guys.


After 5 hours of party on the terrace we’re moving to the last and not least part of the trip. Private Room at the PIMP Bangkok with 15 girls, Karaoke, Pool Table, Cigars and a lot of shots. Again, what happens inside a gentlemen’s club in Bangkok better stay there, so I won’t add anything.




Planning A Stag Do in Bangkok?

Seems like something you want to organize for your friends? Send us a message today and let’s discuss what special program we can put together for this epic party. We’re looking forward to organize a Stag everyone will talk about for a while.


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