Khelo365 Sleepless Nights

The story starts 3 weeks before New Year Eve when we got an email from Khelo365 asking for assistance in finalizing their Sleepless Nights event they’re putting together for their  10 best players.

Yes, you heard it right. Every other month, Khlelo365, an Indian online poker company, brings it’s best players for an all inclusive trip with a wild variety of entertainments, on top of rewarding the winners with cars, gold plated iPhones… It was in Pattaya for NYE, in Phuket last April and the next one is due in Colombo, Sri Lanka where they’ll be hosting for the first time live poker events.

So you got it, this guys know how to party and treat their best players right. It was such a big event with incredible features, that to these days, when people are asking what we can put together, what we’re capable of, we show them the video of this trip. This party we put together with Khelo365 is from far the most complete job we had ever been offered and one we’re really proud of for a lot of reasons.

First the video looks amazing. We brought a filming and camera crew but Khelo365 brought a director from India, one that work for Bollywood super productions. So I encourage you to watch the video and see how both teams joined efforts for an incredible result.

Second, it was the first event where we took care of so many things and looking back at it, for something we had to put together at the last minute (only 3 weeks before NYE) we did quite well.

To give you an idea of the amount of work it took, here’s the full list of what we had to manage for the event:

  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
    • Starting with 2 Stretch Limousines from the airport.
    • 3 Vans day and night for the guests and staff.
  • Staff
  • Light and Sound System
  • Yacht Party
    • Yacht rental
    • Food and drinks onboard
  • Bookings
    • VIP Area in a club in Walking Street
    • Shooting Range
  • Food and Beverage
    • Indian catering.
    • Champagne and other premium alcohols.
  • Filming and Photography crew days and nights.
  • Branding
    • Banners, Backdrop, …

I won’t say it was perfect, because it’ll never be, no matter how much work you put into it. As you organize it, you see all aspects of the event and you’re definitely the first person to notice anything that goes wrong or that is not as expected.

But I’ll say we’re proud of what we did. With the resources we had, including the short time to organize it especially during Christmas time and right before New Year, it was definitely a performance and we’ve learnt a lot from it.

Now we’re looking into even bigger challenges and gathered a lot of experiences, contacts and deals on top of some confidence to guarantee we’ll make our next big event Epic and a unique experience everyone will remember for years.

Excited about the challenges to come. Don’t forget to follow us on Snapchat (@mojosons) to see our events as if you were part of the team.

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