Hire a Midget for your Party in Bangkok or Patta

Yes, there's a ton of things you do that you don't tell to your wife or you family. Deciding to hire a midget might be one of them!

Truth is, it should be on your bucket list because it’s sort of the best idea you can get to create some unique memories.

Midget Stag Story

Remember that time you had a Batman Midget attached to the groom and dancing on the dance floor?

Trust me, if you had a party like that before, you would remember it.

If you didn’t yet, a crazy party in Thailand is the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

Thailand, especially Bangkok and it’s Red Light Districts is one of these places where nobody gets shocked, ever.

Hangout by Walking Street in Pattaya or Nana Plaza in Bangkok and you will see, nobody gives a shit about the fact that you can’t walk straight and a Ladyboy is touching you…

Hiring a Dwarf is the perfect way to have to add some crazy to a special night with your wolfpack, Hangover II Bangkok style. (but no roofies)

dwarf pattaya walking street

Bachelor Parties in Bangkok or Pattaya

That’s most of the gigs for our little guys.

Getting a job ain’t easy for midgets in Thailand. But there’s plenty of Stags in Bangkok every year. That’s where we come to play our role.

Putting in touch an amazing best man with a little superhero.

Disguised as Batman or Superman our midget will take part of the party.

In the GoGo Bar or the Fetish Club.

Handcuffed to the groom and dancing on stage or spanking his ass in the cage… Possibilities are endless when you party in Thailand.

By the way, if you need more ideas for your bachelor party, here is some inspiration.

midget batman bangkok fetish club

A fun Story with our Little guy?

Here you go. Twice, once for our friend, another time for a Bachelor Party, we had a little Batman to pick up one lucky guy at the airport.

Stop anything else you’re doing and think about it for a minute. You tell your friend you’re going to Thailand and you’re taking care of everything.

He’s a bit stressed because he knows how much of a di#&?... you can be. But as he gets in the plane, he’s like: “Fuck, let’s do it!”

He starts to believe you're gonna take care of him, and boy you did.

He gets off the plane, the heat kick him right in the face and as he walks to the party van, impatient to grab a cold one, he sees… our little guy dressed as Batman ready to party!

Now he didn't even have the time to get changed or get a shower and he's already handcuffed to a little Batman for the night.

That’s the best way you can start your trip in Thailand!

dwarf batman jack bottle gogo bar

Wanna Hire a Dwarf in Bangkok or Pattaya?

Glad you’re finally taking your role as a group leader seriously!

Send a message to MojoSons Events website by clicking the button, let us know the details of your event and we’ll get back to you asap.

*Note that last minute is difficult for us.

A few days or week notice work better. You know they got little legs and we’re often busy (drunk).

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