MojoSons Logo, the Masterpiece and the Story Behind it

MojoSons Logo is a piece of art. And yes we’re completely humble about it 😝.

Honestly, it took so much time and headache to come to this final version that I have to brag about it.

Yes, we’re gonna brag about it because it’s so damn cool.

Let me explain you the story behind it quickly:

mojosons logo real monkeys

The Origin of MojoSons Logo

Like every broke guys that start a business, we first had a 5$ logo from Fiverr.

It wasn’t bad, it was just worth 5$. And what you got for that price isn’t usually top material.

So Matt talked to his ex colleague, John, and his ex-housemate, Silver, who’s a graphic designer, to work on the project.

You can see it took a lot more work and skills than what we could have done by ourselves.

Each Part of the Logo got a Story to tell

1. The font

John found the font (Baron Neue) on This fucked our brains so much that we couldn’t think of any other one after it.

We tried hundreds of them and spend nights looking for different ones. In the end, we always went back to this one.

Why we love it so much?

It’s original, but most of all, it’s different and catchy. The O with the underscore, the fact that the 2 lines aren’t aligned… The small details that make MojoSons Logo get your attention and you never forget it afterward.

2. The Monkeys

Now John gave up working with us on the logo because we could never get excited about anything. We’re the worst clients you can get when it comes to design. We don’t know what we want, we only know what we don’t want.

Silver finally took over and told us we had to find a Symbol. Something that represents us and what we’re doing. We also wanted something easy to remember and to reproduce. Like Nike, Apple or Microsoft style.

Monkeys symbolize us pretty well judging by the way we behave. And they look sharp and funky, just like us.

Oh and you can identify to it too. (We’re all monkeys after all 🙊)

mojosons logo business cards

3. The Fist Bump

This is so much more important than it looks. Obviously it represents our friendship and the trust we put in it, but moreover, there’s a lot of ways we can play with it.

Look at the business cards, for example, each one of us has his own monkey on his business card. If you put them next to each other, BOOM! Fist-bump!

And there’s a lot of other stuff we got in mind for future use, like stamps, videos, GIF…. It opens the door to endless possibilities.

MojoSons Logo Everywhere

That’s it, we got MojoSons Logo. Now we’re ready to put everywhere. T-shirts, banners and business cards… WE’RE IN THE GAME GUYS !

Special thanks to John for choosing the font and Silver Prod for the design, it’s just perfect.

Stay tuned guys! There’s a lot coming up, make sure you stick around. I promise you’ll see this logo a lot, everywhere!

What ya think about MojoSons’ logo?

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