MojoSons Plan

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October 31, 2016

MojoSons Plan

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What really is MojoSons Plan? Because yes, we have a plan…


And as we’re drinking coffee while the sun is rising after one more 12 hours night working on it. There’s no doubt it’s gonna work.

And this plan is… to Make you Dream!

Dream about living in a city, Bangkok, where it’s never cold, where the party never stop, where the girls are easy going…

We’re going to show you how much fun it is to live and party here and why should give it a try too, even if it’s just for a few days.

We’re going to help everyone we can, to have an awesome time in Bangkok, by answering questions, giving away information and  sharing everything we can about partying in Thailand on social medias.

Then when you’re ready to give it a shot, we’ll be here to organise it for you and make sure everything goes smoothly.

It sounds fun. But it’s gonna be a hassle! Making money, good money this way, isn’t a piece of cake.

You need a serious plan, a strategy and a lot of dedication and time.

It ain’t impossible! But on social medias, you just have to go all in. There’s no more weekend, holidays, hangover day, privacy… it becomes part of you.

Plus, there’s no way back!

We’re building legacy here, no turning point. Everything we’re gonna do and put out there is on record forever, for our friends, our family, our ennemies … even our children and grandchildren.

This is not to be taken lightly.

Anyway, we made our choice, we got the plan.

We started MojoSons Events to organise great private and public parties. We will build our brand from the ground and take everyone that want to aim for the stars, along with us.

We’re gonna party like crazy and share it on social networks so everybody see why they should come over in Bangkok and all the possibilities they have.

And we got many other passions we want to pursue and that we’ll share with you, poker is one of them.

I keep the rest secret for now, stick around to know more.

Plus, we’re taking you on the ride with us.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter… you name it!

We’re going to share all our adventure from ground up with you guys and hopefully inspire some to do the same or even better, come party with us.

See how we build Mojosons Events, how we become big Event Planners in Bangkok

You will see by yourself how young white “farangs” with no education make it happen, make it big, in Bangkok.


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