MojoSons Soft Launch in Bangkok

In June 2017 we celebrated our Soft Launch at Radio City Lounge in Patpong, Bangkok.

Finally after months of hype and flooding Instagram and Facebook of pictures and videos of private events, it was time to show Bangkok what we're about.

Radio City Lounge, a Gentlemen Lounge (the mix between a Gogo Bar and a Gentlemen Club) in Patpong invited us to host the event there.

So with the right venue, we finally had an opportunity to gather our friends, family, partners and guests to show them what we're doing best, organize epic parties !

Party in Patpong, Bangkok famous Red Light District

Patpong is one of Bangkok three main Red Light District and probably one of the most iconic one.

It used to be the main area for clubs, bars and gogo bars in Bangkok.

Even though today it's more about it's night market, Gogo Bars and Ping Pong Show, it is still one of the most visited place in Bangkok.

For us, it was the perfect place to host our first event.

A central location in the city that represent the energy and the active nightlife as well as the glamorous an sexy venues that gave this image to Bangkok.

mojosons banner soft launch

Sexy Shows and Great Vibe

Of course, we couldn't organize a MojoSons party without bringing some of our Mojobabes.

Our best girls were there to greet and take pictures with our guests but also to provide a sexy show on the central stage.

To take care of the ambiance we brought Jules Blond along Elektro Delikatessen to the decks.

Tom Cortez was also there to cover the event and produce the after movie you can see at the top of the page.

If you want to have a taste of how it was, you should definitely check the video !

mojosons logo tank top

That first MojoSons Party was a Success

Over 100 people show up, get drunk on the open bar and stayed til late.

Overall the event was success, the DJs killed it, the Mojobabes made a great impression that stuck in people's mind and it get everyone talking.

For us, it was a good first experience and we cannot wait to put another event for you guys.

Next time it will for sure be bigger and impress even more, we've got a ton of ideas to create this "Wow" reaction.

mojosons mojobabes red light

More MojoSons Events' coming soon

Next week, we're gonna celebrate our 2 years and we've got plans for to bring more events like this to Bangkok before the end of this year so stay tuned for more.

In the meantime, we're always here to organize your private party in Thailand 😇

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