MojoSons Soft Launch

In a bit more than 2 weeks, we throw our first Mojo Family party in Bangkok

We decided to call it a “soft launch” because it’s our first get together with friends, partners, family, … basically all the monkeys that hang out with us.

That will be for us the opportunity to discuss what we’re up to, our upcoming projects but also to get some feedback from everyone and see how we can organize even better events in the future.

We know It wouldn’t be a party without a few of our MojoBabes, so we carefully picked a few of them to represent the spirit of the team and show you what it’s like to party with us.

Of course we want to be good hosts and make sure nobody die dry so we brought some beers. Quite a lot actually, so there’s gonna a Free Flow Beers starting at 9pm until it runs out so make sure you arrive early.

So for our first Mojo Family party in Bangkok, expect sexy girls, free beers and a lot of Moneys.

Also, we set it up as a private event to make sure we only got the coolest people around. If you didn’t received an invite yet, leave a comment here or drop us a message on our Facebook Page to say you want to to join the party. Selection is gonna be strict, prepare your arguments.

Oh and make sure you look stunning! We want a picture with everyone. Yes everyone, with us and the MojoBabes. Nobody will avoid it. Actually you’ll need to go through that to get some free beers so it’s like a life or death situation you can’t avoid.

See you there.

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