Naked Sushi in Bangkok

We're making your fantasy sushi come true!

Ever wondered how you can make Sushi even better?

Try out Naked Sushi in Bangkok or Pattaya and find out!

Combine 2 of the best things in life, tasty sushi, and a gorgeous Thai Girl!

We can promise you that once you’ve tried it, you’ll never enjoy Sushi any other way again.

mojosons naked sushi lebua

Nyotaimori in Bangkok

Japanese didn’t only make sushi great, they also invented Nyotaimori, also called Body Sushi or Naked Sushi, Nude Sushi... It's the art of serving sushi on a fully naked girl. And we can't thank them enough for their creativity.

Naked Sushi is simply replacing the plates by one a sexy model.

She (or he) lays down naked, covered with delicious sushi that we carefully selected.

We can guarantee you that we're not only picky about the girls, but the food too. 🍣

It's that simple and it always makes a good impression when everyone's walking in the room and sees the naked sushi in Bangkok!

Now Game on, you have to eat the sushi! But remember:

No hands or chopsticks allowed.

(and no Wasabi on the model, only on the sushi 😉)

We got a few more surprises, some extra rules, and dares to make the naked sushi experience even more fun. But you’ll have to book one to find about it.

sushi thai girl bangkok

Naked Sushi for any Event ?

There are endless opportunities to do a Body Sushi. If you need an excuse, here are a few examples:

Every occasion is good to enjoy some sushi and the company of one (or more) of our Mojobabe.

That's perfect for a group of up to 10 pax, over that, either we'll need more girls (and sushi) or we got a few other options to spice up the night. That's what we do best after all!

mojosons naked sushi bangkok

How do you Book a Naked Sushi in Bangkok?

I’m glad you ask!

It’s as easy as getting your food delivered from Foodpanda.

Send us a message, we lock a date and time, and then your job is done.

We take care of the rest.

All we need is an empty room (bedroom, living room) and access to a bathroom.

We arrive, set up everything (about 15 minutes) and we’re good to go for usually around 1 hour.

Oh, and did I mention you can pick the girl from our Mojobabes team?

Once we agreed on the date and time, we check the girls available and you select the one you fancy.

Note that we usually need 48 hours notice.

We’re happy to try to make it happen under shorter notice, but that's not something we can guarantee.

Especially during the weekend, peak season, or if we have other events going on that day.

Click above to access the booking page and give us all the details.

Anything else you need? Put it in the message too or check our other shows for private parties in Bangkok or Pattaya.

And if you don’t trust us yet, it's ok, you don't have to take our word for it.

Check Nicole’s Body Sushi story of that time she tried Naked Sushi in Bangkok. I think she quite liked it a lot 😇.

PS : Girls, don’t be jealous! We do it with boys too!! You can get Naked Sushi on a sharp 6 pack. All you have to do is ask. 💪

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