MojoSons Events Website is live!

Guys, I hope 2017 is treating you as good as it’s treating us. After 2 Months of work we're finally have our MojoSons Events Website ready.

After being blessed by an intense start for our business at the end of 2016 (And a lot of luck and hard work), we’re moving forward in 2017.


January 2017

This month we took a lot of time to improve our online content, plan our expansion, extend our network and bring some cool projects to the scene.

As you guys can see, we added a lot of content to our Instagram and Facebook Pages (MojoSons and Mojosons Events) and even tried to be more active on Snapchat, we’ll do a lot more on it in the next few weeks, check it out! (Snapchat: @mojosons)

There’s also a lot of news coming up so I’ll try to focus on 1 here, the Shop section on our Facebook Page.

Right now you can register for free stickers on MojoSons Facebook Page, so you’ll have the chance to take creative selfies with them and maybe win some amazing surprises and prizes.

Regarding the shop, there’s a few more products coming up in the next weeks and months (more on that soon), we’re still working on improving the quality and shipping time.


mojosons events website screenshot


New MojoSons Events website

As the title says, we also worked a lot on a new Website made by Axium Web, not poorly designed by amateurs like the previous one. So now you’ll have a better, clearer idea of what we do and how we can arrange the ultimate party experience for you, your friends, your brand, your company,… in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Go check it out now and tell us what you think about it, we’re always looking for feedbacks and ways to improve.

Even if there’s already a lot on it, keep in mind that there’s so many things we can arrange, it was just impossible to put everything there, and it would have look really messy. So if you need a Suite, a Male Stripper fora Hen Night in Bangkok or anything else in between... Send us a message, we got the right people for that too!

Check out MojoSons Events Websites

To Sum Up

Right now

  • Check out our new website for MojoSons Events:
  • Order free stickers now on our Facebook page, shipping in March

Coming Up

  • More Products on the shop (t-shirts and surprises)
  • MojoSons Launching Party announcement
  • Partnerships with brands
  • Bars and Clubs reviews

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