Here’s an non objective review of Oskar Bistro in Bangkok.

Oskar Bistro is a restaurant, bar / kinda club in Sukhumvit soi 11. If you live in Bangkok I’m sure you already heard about it and at least know where it is. Pretty easy to find as it’s right in front of Levels, and yes we expect everybody to know where Levels is.

oskar bistro bangkok sign

So why you should checkout Oskar Bistro?

  • For the food! They have a great chef and plenty of options to please everyone. Pizzas, Seafood, Steaks, Fish, Thai Food and so on… everything you can expect from a western restaurant.
  • For the cocktails. As a former bartender I can tell you these guys know their craft. Every single one I’ve tried have something special that make you want to try them all. Also if you’re looking to get drunk that night, you better throw 250฿ in a good cocktail (A Strong Long Island Ice Tea for example) than in a basic Whisky Coke in a club nearby. I know I would.
  • For parties. They have DJs every night. Even though it's a restaurant in the first part of the night, as you the time pass it becomes more and more a party bar after midnight. It’s slowly shifting into a kinda club with better cocktails and a trendy crowd. It's the perfect place to start the night if you plan on hitting the clubs soi 11.

oskar bistro adrien business card

A few words about Oskar's Manager

Finally, the reason why it’s a non objective review is our friend Adrien (another member of the Mojo Family) recently took the position of Manager there.

Does that mean what we said above is false? No we only write what we believe.

Does that mean you’ll get better treatment if tell Adrien, MojoSons sent you? Let’s find out.

Expect to see us quite a lot over there in the next few months, so please if you see 2 Monkeys drinking at the terrace upstairs (that’s our spot most of the time), come say hi and let’s have shots together.

See you there!

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