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Coming Up Soon!

It’s all about love.

It’s time to introduce you our friends’ companies and projects. The one we genuinely love and support, regardless their industry. It’s only great businesses and ideas here, put together by smart people.

We’re also proud to announce some collaborations to come with some of them, and to show love and appreciations to the one who brought their support to 2 Monkeys when all we had was passion and hunger to build this project.

Of course we’re just at the beginning of our adventure, but it’s always the right time to show appreciation, give some exposure and express gratitude to the one who gave you a hand and that you love to work with.

We believe in our vision, in staying true to yourself, in honesty and transparency.

We think that successful projects are based on partnerships, mutual trust and support.

So do the people we are lucky to work with. This is priceless.

(Wanna join the Mojo Gang? Send us a message today!)

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We chose Axium web to create MojoSons Events website and manage our Adwords campaign. By far the best investment we've made.
Bangkok Office in Thonglor
We set up our Bangkok office in Thonglor at Mint Worklounge. This coworking space is more than a space to work, it's a true community that help you grow you business, Need an awesome office in Bangkok? Join us at Mint Worklounge.