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January 26, 2017
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February 20, 2017

Party with a Dwarf

Yes, you can hire a dwarf to party with you in Thailand.

Before you turn insane I’ll answer the question most of you got in mind:

“Can I throw him on a target like in the Wolf of Wall Street”

As much as I like the movie, it’s a big NO GO. (even with a helmet on)

They’re really fun, they love to get some costumes on, play games with you and make you laugh hard. It’s already more than enough.

A fun little story.

One of our friend lives in Thailand and has his best friend coming over for holidays. He instantly thought, there’s no better way to surprise him than sending a dwarf dressed as Batman to welcome him at the airport.

Right. Nothing more unique.

So imagine, you arrive from a 12 hours flight, you’re excited to discover Thailand and party with you friends. But instead of your friend waiting for you, there’s a dwarf disguised as Batman with a sign that got your name on.

Oh and did I specify that the freshly arrived guy and the dwarf were then handcuffed to each other for the rest of the night. Imagine all the kind of stories that can bring.

Anyway, hire a dwarf for your party.

Get something unique while your over. Enough of ping pong shows, here’s some party and pictures you and your friends won’t forget.

Get people and girls attention as you walk down the road, start conversation and party harder.

Another ligne ticked off your Bucket List. And some great memories to share.

Fun fact.

You can play drinking game with them, but be careful, they can drink a lot more than you think.
So if like us you love to party hard, think about it for you next big get together with your mates. Add this little touch that will make this event unique.

dwarf wolf of wall street


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