Wondering why you should go to Pattaya?

Great Pool Villas, intense nightlife, lots of entertainment, plenty of outdoors activities, the crazy Walking Street and a perfect scenery for Private Yacht Parties... Pattaya packs a lot of great deals for those who come in Thailand for a fun time.


Party in Pattaya

Pattaya is only a few hours from Pattaya and is the perfect place for a private pool party. While Pool Villas are rare in Bangkok and usually in residential areas where the sound has to be turned down early... Pattaya offers endless great Pool Villas.


Pattaya Nightlife

There's so much to be said about Pattaya Nightlife.

It's hectic and as Bangkok, will please everyone. Start from Walking Street. There you'll find an infinity of Bars, Gogo Bars, huge clubs and cheap deals all over.

dwarf pattaya walking street

Hire a Dwarf for a unique Stag in Bangkok or Pattaya

Dwarf Hire is a thing in Thailand Yes, we do all the things you don’t to talk to ...
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