Clubs in Walking Street

thai girls at 808 club in pattaya

808 Club

insomnia club at walking street in pattaya

Club Insomnia

flex club in pattaya

Flexx Club

jp republic club in pattaya

JP Republic


Lucifer Pattaya

mixx discotheque pattaya

Mixx Discotheque

the pier club in pattaya

The Pier

Clubs in the rest of Pattaya

bone club in pattaya

Bone Pattaya

inside hollywood pattaya nightclub

Hollywood Pattaya

Best Clubs in Pattaya

Bangkok is home of some of the best clubs in Asia with enough variety to please everyone.

Top 5 nightclubs in Pattaya in 2020

  1. Insomnia
  2. Lucifer
  3. 808
  4. Mixx
  5. JP Republic

Frequently Asked Questions

A : Unlike clubs in Bangkok, most clubs in Pattaya have a casual dress code.

Shorts and flip flops are ok.

A : You need to be at least 20 to get in clubs in Thailand.

Always have an ID with you (passport, national ID card, driving licence...).

Most clubs accept copy on the phone but not all of them.

Any question about the clubs in Pattaya ?

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