A Night at the PIMP Bangkok

There's no debate, The PIMP Bangkok is by far one of Bangkok’s most exclusive gentlemen club.

With over 250+ sexy girls, great shows, incredible service, and overall an awesome vibe, the PIMP deserves to be at the top of the list of the best clubs in Bangkok.

But if you've never been to a Gentlemen Club or to the PIMP before, here’s more about it and what you can expect there.

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Why Go to a Gentlemen Club in Bangkok?

First, we all know that finding bar girls and gogo bars in Thailand isn’t too hard.

We also agree that Nana, Soi Cowboy, and Patpong, the 3 main red-light districts of Bangkok, have their fair share of great bars and gorgeous girls. (if you know where to go)

But there are times when you’re looking for a high-end venue to enjoy the finest things in life, with impeccable service, a ton of hot birds, and privacy.

Gentlemen Clubs are for these special nights when you want only the best and nothing but the best.

With service on point, the hottest girls in town, a luxury venue, and the guarantee of a night that will stay in your memory forever.

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Party with the Hottest Thai Girls at the PIMP BKK !

The PIMP Bangkok is where our guests with the highest standards go.

You just need to have to look at the PIMP Facebook to understand why!

And I dare you to go there and to not turn your head around a thousand times.

Thing is, the girls at the PIMP Bangkok are more than what you see.

On top of being some of the hottest girls you’ll ever meet, they also know how to take good care of the guests. Really good care.

You know this sort of rude, careless attitude you sometimes find in bad Gogo bars?

Well, here you won’t have it.

You’ll find only party-friendly, fun, caring and unbelievably hot Thai Girls.

And this should be a good reason to go there.

But there’s more to it.

the pimp bangkok hostesses

The Main Room, Stage and Shows

The other special thing about the PIMP Bangkok is that girls don’t only stand there and wait for you to buy them drinks.

You’re not gonna be watching girls standing by a pole bar and somewhat dancing.

Every week they have different shows on stage and every night you will find a live band and special performance by the girls.

Add to these different themes, outfits for the girls' special events … and you have the magic recipe that made the Pimp Bkk so famous.

Even if you go there every month or so, you’ll always find different outfits and shows, with the same quality of service.

That's at least one venue with hot girls in Bangkok where you'll never get bored.

But again, there's more to it.

Private Rooms at the PIMP are where the magic happen !

When you go at PIMP : Get a (Private) Room !

Clearly, that’s why so many of the groups we had over the years go there.

Even though the main room is really nice and entertaining, if you got a somewhat large group or you’re there for a special occasion (a bachelor party, a birthday, an important business partner...), the private room is the real deal.

They have different sizes, from the small ones for 2 to 4 people and large ones for 20 and more.

The Small (3/4 pax) and Medium ones (5/6 pax) have a large couch with a Karaoke System where you can pick your sounds.

The big ones (8+ pax) also have large couches and a Karaoke system, but they also come with a pool table!

Finally the so called "Party Rooms" (12+ pax) have the same features as the big rooms, and a DJ booth with your own private DJ for the night !

One of the Party Room even got a Jacuzzi!

Now, if you're going there with a large group, make sure you book in advance as large rooms are pretty limited and the Pimp Bangkok is incredibly popular, especially during weekends.

So when we make bookings we sort everything for our groups so they just have to walk in and enjoy :

  • We pick a private room according to the size of the group
  • You tell us how many girls you want and the duration (then you can add more girls or extend the time on the spot)
  • You pick the alcohol you want to drink
  • Then we take care of the booking and details for you

When you arrive they set up the room, so the bottles are waiting for you, ready to party. They fix you a drink, start the music and the craziness can start.

Now they bring in the room more hot Thai Girls than you can count.

All that is left to do is choose which girls you want to party with.

For example in the big room they can easily fit 40+ girls, so you have plenty of options to choose from.

🐵Mojo Tip : Pick the hottest ones and tell them to pick their friends. Or ask for the Mamasan to recommend the best entertainers. 😉

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The PIMP Bangkok Pricing and Tips

  • Bottles : from 5,000฿++ (Premium brands)
  • Ladies Drinks : 380฿ (non members)
  • Girls : from 1,900฿ for 1 hour (non members)
  • Private Rooms : from 2,500฿
  • Membership : 20,000++฿ (Depends on the number of bottles, brand… )

There's no entrance fee but a membership is mandatory to enter the PIMP.

The price for the membership start from 20,000฿++ depending on its duration, the number of bottles, the alcohol brand...

To conclude this review, note that The PIMP Bangkok put the bar really high girl’s wise (compared to go go bars, not to our Thai party models of course) so when you're planning your Bachelor Party in Bangkok, a trip or a weekend, try to make it the last place you go to.

This way you keep the best for the last night when you're too tired to lift you drink yourself. The girls will be happy to help.

  • Open Every Night - 9 pm til Late
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Website
  • The PIMP® Club Bangkok


There's no entrance fee at the PIMP but you will need a membership to get in.

Membership price starts at 5,000฿ and come in different packages with different brands of alcohol and the number of bottles.

Note that only 1 membership is required per group.

There's no dress code at the PIMP Bangkok. Money talk. But as you're going into high-end club, wearing pants, closed shoes, and no tank top is recommended.

The PIMP Bangkok is located in Rotchanamin Alley, opposite the PT Gas Station on Pracha Uthit road in Wang Thonglang district in Bangkok.

Want to Party at the PIMP?

Drop us a message anytime or feel free to ask any question you have below so we can help you out.

And if you’re coming with your mates and don’t want to pay for the membership, we got you. Just click the link below.

PS : Matt went there for the first time for a Double Stag Party we organized in Bangkok. You can read his “first time in a gentlemen club in Bangkok” on his blog.

Got any question about the PIMP or want to share you experience there?

Drop a comment below.

8 thoughts on “A Night at the PIMP Bangkok”

  1. I’m traveling and will drop by Bangkok for 2 days. Is there anything that you have for a night for just 1 pax?

    1. Hey Kenneth, that we organize not really. But drop us an email with the dates of your trip and what kind of party you’re looking for and we’ll be happy to recommend the best spot of Bangkok Nightlife. [email protected]

  2. We 4 guys. Plan to get a small Karaoke room, a bottle or 2 whiskies and have 4 girls to accompany for say 3 hours – 10 to 1am on a week day next week.
    What’s the estimate bill for the above excluding tips?.
    Rough number and cheapest option.

    1. Hey Leong, there’s no cheap price at the pimp lol. It’s the best club of it’s type but not the right place if you’re on a budget. For 4 people, with 4 girls for 3 hours, 2 bottles and small room, expect around 35,000THB total. Drop us a message on our contact page if you want all the details 😉

  3. Hi I will be in Bangkok next month and really wanted to try the pimp. What is my best option if I visit solo? How much should I expect to pay for a night? Also what is your recommendation for the night. Thanks

    1. Hey mate. Get a membership, the smallest if you don’t plan to go more than once (that should be around 5 to 8k baht) and stay in the common area at first. Chat with the girls, drinks, see how it goes, and if you have fun, get a small private room and a couple of girls to party. In total, expect to spend at least somewhere between 15 and 20k for the night to have a fun time by yourself.

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