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The PIMP Bangkok

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We now have our membership at the PIMP Bangkok!

Which means we now got the golden ticket for us, our friends and guests to enter the best gentlemen club in Bangkok. We even got the member rates.


If you haven’t been to the PIMP Bangkok, it’s the best gentlemen club in Bangkok and probably one, if not the best, in Thailand. It has some of the most beautiful girls you’ll see in Thailand and the best service and entertainment. If you’re looking for a special night with your mate and the best Bangkok has to offer, look no further.

the pimp bangkok hostesses

The main room at the PIMP Bangkok.

First option is to stay in the main area. There’s a large public room where you can get a table, like in a regular club and you got eyes on the stage where the shows are happening. Trust me, you won’t get bored. There’s always something happening on that stage. They have many different shows, themes, new girls, … I can guarantee you’ll love it.

Of course, you can invite girls to join your table by buying them a Lady’s Drink like you would in a Go Go Bar. Chat, drink, and more if you want, everything is there for you to have the best night possible.


Get a private room at the PIMP Bangkok!

That’s the real deal here. Get a private room with a pool table, a huge couch, your own karaoke and more girls than you can count.

Once you arrive in the private room, while you start singing and drinking, they’ll bring as much girls as they can fit in the room. All you have to do is choose yourself or let the mamasan guide you. That’s the kind of thing that make gentlemen club so great.

Now the night is really getting started. Then what happens in the private room is between you and those girls.

It’s honestly one of this thing you must do while in Bangkok with your wolf pack. Especially if you never tried a gentlemen club in Thailand before. Starting with the Pimp Bangkok is a safe bet.

the pimp bangkok coyote

Don’t pay for the membership at the PIMP Bangkok

We bought one already for MojoSons Events so you don’t have to pay for it. Send us a message with all your details. When do you want to go? How many people you in your group? Do you want a private room or just a table? how many girls you want? We’ll do the booking for you. All you have to do is to show up, give your name and enjoy heaven.

Note: The PIMP Bangkok put the bar really high girl’s wise (compared to go go bars, not to our party models of course) so do it last during your weekend or your trip. It might ruin your other experiences if you start right away with the best venue.



Any question? Leave a comment below or ask us on Twitter or Facebook.

Matt went there for the first time with our guests for a big stag do in Bangkok, you can read his “First time in a Gentlemen Club in Bangkok” story on his blog.



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