A Look Into Sing Sing’s Secret Room

Did you know that Sing Sing Theater had the 3rd floor with a secret room that oversees the rest of the club?

Neither did we. Until today.

And you know what's cool? This exclusive room can be booked for private parties and events.

In other words, you can have your own private party with complete privacy and enjoy the atmosphere and the energy of one of the best clubs in Bangkok.

With nobody seeing you!

kowloon room at sing sing bangkok

What's in that Secret Room ?

First, you need to make your way through a secret entrance that only you and the staff have access to.

After making your way up to the third flood, you find a hidden room with everything you would have in the rest of the club, but only for you and your friends.

You have your own bar that come with your very own bartender and waitress, your own toilets and even your own private smoking room where you could enjoy a nice cigar and some old rum.

But the best part of that exclusive area is the small balcony from which you can see the rest of the club, without being seen.

Regarding the capacity, the secret room can hold up to 20 people.

Perfect for a special even with your friends or business partners.

chinese theme private room at sing sing

How Much Does it Cost for a Night ?

Exclusive and secret come with a price, and that's more than most VIP Packages in any club in Bangkok.

If you want to book that secret room, you're gonna have to pay a minimum spending of :

  • 80,000฿ for weekdays
  • 100,000฿ during the weekend (Friday and Saturday)

That includes security and staff.

Sure, that's not for everyone and probably not for every night.

But I must admit, there's something special about having your own private room in one of the best clubs in Bangkok.

Being able to be part of the club and have that special vibe and great music while having complete privacy at the same time.

It put you and your friends above the rest of the world. For a night.

Want to Book Sing Sing's Secret Room ?

Let us take care of it for you.

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What do you think about that secret room? Would you book it?

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