The situation with Hookers in Bangkok

There's different types of "hookers" you will find in Bangkok :

Freelancers in Clubs : you can get the best or the worst experience of your life.

While some are the most genuine and fun girls, others will just get the job done and leave asap, and in the worst case, might even rob you.

From drama queens to freaks in bed (sometime both), you’re taking a bet here and that can turn out being quite risky.

So you have to cross your fingers and hope everything goes right.


Gogo Bars : that’s another tricky one, if you don’t know where you’re going.

In Bangkok the whole industry is losing the fun part and it’s pretty much all about money nowadays (unlike a lot of places in Walking Street, Pattaya).

Plus It might cost you a lot in Ladies Drinks. You know, this Tequila shots that girls will drink as fast as possible so they can get back on stage and try to get more.

Then you have to negotiate with the Mamasan to finally get a short time or overnight without the guarantee of a good time or of what the girl is willing to do.


Gentlemen Clubs : Nothing to say about the quality of the girls nor their attitude.

But if you’re looking at getting a girl for the night, you will be surprised to find out that most of them don't do more than parties.

And for those who offer extra, be ready to break the bank!


Regular Escort Websites/Services : Problem is always the same with this old fashion websites, the pictures often don’t match the reality.

On the good side, you know what they’re willing to do and how much it’s gonna cost upfront.

That's the best thing about escorts services. But you got no guarantee about what she looks like in real life. So if you're in for an 8, expect a 5 or 6 instead, if not a 4.

Add to that “fake ratings” made by the escorts website themselves and not based on customer’s experience.

Of course you can always refuse to pay and cancel when she shows up. But that's really frustrating.

smooci stats banner

How Smoocie is offering a better experience?

Smooci is breaking the gap between the escorts and the customers.

Through their platform, you’re in touch with the girl directly. No mamasan, no manager, and no extra fees… it’s between you and her.

With verified profiles, users ratings and comments, detailed descriptions and a listing easy to access from your mobile that you can filter with your requirements, smocci is making the escort industry safer for both the users and the girls.

And the booking process is a lot easier.

The website also offer both Females and Ladyboys. So you don’t have to be afraid to get tricked into Ladyboys. And if it’s what you’re into, you’re served.

The verified reviews and profiles ensure the escorts details on the app are accurate and reliable. And if you still have a doubt you can always check the comments from other users on her profile.

  • No bad surprise
  • No negotiation
  • No hidden fees
  • No dramas

What you see is what you get. And that’s how it should always be.

What's the price of the Escorts on Smooci Bangkok ?

Pretty close to the prices you will find in gogo bars and with freelancers with rates starting from 2,500฿ for 2 hours, it’s really fair.

Freelancers and Agencies fix their own price, but usually the price range is from 2,500฿ to over 10,000฿.

From the average looking girl to real stunners and you usually have plenty of choice (there's always at least around 100 girls available).

smooci girls available

How many girls can I find on Smooci ?

With both, girls from agencies and freelancers, the selection is pretty wide.

As of February 2020, there's over 750 registered escorts in Bangkok on the app and over 3,000 in the world.

In Bangkok, you'll find  in average you have about 60 to 150 girls at all time on the app, even late at night or early in the morning.

escorts bangkok girls details

Why we like this website so much ?

Because it's made like most of apps we use daily.

It's easy to navigate through, there's no ads, everything is clear and no place for misunderstanding between you and the girl.

Everything is detailed, the duration, number of shots, language(s) spoken, age, post op or not for Ladyboys...

It’s as easy and playful to use as an app like Tinder and as simple as it can get when it’s time to book.

After your first time you quickly realize why have become so popular among travelers and locals in just a few years.

Smooci Booking Process

That’s as easy as any app delivery. You can select a girl and book her in under 2 minutes with just a few steps:

  • Pick your City (Bangkok, Manila, Singapore, Hong Kong, Berlin and London for now, more to come)
  • Choose Female or Ladyboy
  • Pick the time you would like to meet, up to 24 hours in advance
  • Select your duration, from 1 to 24 hours
  • Check their profile, ratings and details
  • Make your selection
  • Confirm the booking
  • Sit back and relax

female ladyboy bangkok smooci duration smooci thailand pick time

Where else can I use the App?

Smooci is now available in 10 countries and 16 cities with plans to expand to more places in Asia and Europe soon.

Right now, you can book female and transgender escorts on Smooci in :

  • Bangkok in Thailand
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • Macau
  • Phnom Penh in Cambodia
  • Tokyo in Japan
  • Manila, Cebu and Angeles in the Philippines
  • Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia
  • London, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester in the UK
  • Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague in the Netherlands
  • Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella and Ibiza in Spain

They've recently started to offer their service in Europe, starting with London and Berlin, the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam and the Hague) and Spain (Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Marbella and Ibiza)

In Asia, the most popular cities are Smooci Hong Kong and Singapore and have some really gorgeous girls. On top of that, most of the escorts there usually speak fluent english which is not always the case in Thailand.

For Thailand, even though there was an announcement made for Pattaya and Phuket, this cities haven't been added yet. Bangkok is the only city where the service is available in Thailand.


Payment Options

When you book through their escort website, payments is due in cash to the girl directly within 15 minutes after she arrived at your place.

You only have to pay online if you want to get the premium membership. That can be paid by Credit Card in just a few steps, through the website.

And don't worry for your privacy, the transaction will be listed as "SMO TECHNOLOGIES", the company that developed the service. Smooci will never appear on your bank or credit card statement.

Premium Features

The service is free of charge, the platform don’t charge any extra to the escorts but they do offer some nice Premium Features that make the booking a lot easier.


Get a discount on every escort booking

With a premium membership you now have a discount of 3 to 15$ on every escort you book on Smooci. The membership not only pay for itself but make you save money too.

Chat with your date

With their last update, they've add a chat feature for premium members so they can discuss details, ask for special services, or even negotiate the price.

This is available even before you make a booking.

Track your companion

Once you booked the girl and confirmed your details, you can follow your date’s travel through the city as she come to meet you.

No need to wonder when she will be arriving, you can track her progress on the map while you wait.

Access to their Photo Verification System give their users the right to rate the photos after they met with their companion so the platform and the community can benefit from their experience.

If the photos are noted as not accurate by the users, they’re simply removed from the app.

See Users Comments

That’s where all the strength of Smoochi is. On top of ratings and feedback on the pictures, the users can also leave comments about their experience.

This way, the girls that provide the best service are put in the spotlight. It’s probably the main difference from the regular Escorts websites in Bangkok. This way you know how good she is thanks to other users feedback.

Book up to 24 hours in Advance

Traveling to Bangkok for business or party? Thanks to the premium membership you can book your companion up to 24 hours before your date (instead of 4 in the standard version).

You can now focus on your trip and wait patiently for your date.

 Offline Access and Favoriting

No access to internet but you still want to plan your date? This premium feature let you check the escorts profiles and add as favorites the ones you want to meet. Perfect to get a quick access to their profile once you’re back online.

Smooci Premium Prices

  • 3 Days - $9,99
  • 7 Days - $14,99
  • 30 Days - $24,99
  • 1 Year - $99,99


Where can I download Smooci App ?

Smooci app refer to the escort website and not to an Android or iPhone app.

The website is designed like an app to offer a simple and clear interface but cannot be downloaded on your phone.

How many registered escorts on Smooci ?

As of 2020 there's over 2,800 registered escorts on Smooci in over 20 cities across Asia and Europe.

Do the escorts perform all the services listed in their description ?

We haven't seen anyone saying they don't. We would imagine most escorts won't put anything they don't want to do because they know the client is likely to ask for it if it's in the description.

Did you try the app ? What do you think ? Any question we didn't answer ?

Let us know in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Smooci”

  1. Not such a wonderful site for up and coming escorts as when trying to register for Bangkok a reply comes back saying that there is now s waiting list for new independent escorts so I guess they are aiming the service mostly towards the paying agencies rather than the independents who would mostly benefit from the safety aspects of the smooci app

    1. Hey Sara, thanks a lot for your feedback. It seems that they are victim of their success and that’s why the application process is slowing down for independents as they’re trying to keep a high quality of escorts on the app. The service is definitely a big help for independents and it will keep getting better I’m sure as they improve their application and review process.

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