Superhero Midget in Bangkok

Yes, the superhero midget was the number one request we had last week.

Seems like everybody wants to party with a midget dressed as Batman, Superman, … and to be honest we would do exactly the same if we were going overseas with our mates….

Maybe you’re wondering why anyone would ever do that. And here a few things to plead our cause:

  1. I reckon Thailand must be one of the only place in the world where you can hire a midget to party with you. It’s unique and we’re sure it’s on some people Bucket List
  2. Imagine you see that on internet, you book him (and his friends maybe) and now you’re arriving at the meeting point and you’re the only one who knows about it. Now guess what would be your mates reactions when they see him…. You got the number one reason to hire a midget in Bangkok!

So people jump on the opportunity because it’s fun and it always leads to unexpected events, pictures, dares and so on…

Our midgets are so popular because they do a tremendous job and now people start to recommend it to their group of friends. And this guys just love to party with the guests.

As a result our little friend had quite a weekend. Drinking beers, eating burgers, dancing on the stage of a go go handcuffed to a guy disguised as a princess and even spanking asses in a BDSM club!

It’s so fun to spend a night partying with a midget.

I guessed it has just become part of the routine for us but it’s always interesting to watch people’s reactions when we ask each other in public “how’s the party with the midget coming up?”. Ahah

So yes, hiring a midget in Bangkok is a thing. It’s fun and give room to unexpected events and of course awesome pictures and memories.

At least in 20 years, we could sit in bar, drinking fancy rum, smoking cigars, and talk about the time when we used to arrange midgets for parties in Thailand.

Want to party with a Superhero Midget? Let us know where and when, we take care of the rest!

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