Check out our favorite Thai Rum: 3 Monkeys Rum

Need some rum for your Party in Thailand? 3 Monkeys rum is definitely the best choice you can make. Let me tell you more.


Seen our Video of the boat party we organized for Gotzha? (well, you should)

Did you notice the rum bottles and premix we served? Ok it was only for a second, so I accept your apologies for not seeing it.

Those bottles are 3 Monkeys Rum!

When we met Gotzha team, they told us they want a welcome drink for their guests. Which make sense.

As they wanted something Thai, they thought about something like Sangsom or similar….


Here was our answer

“You know some of your guests are meeting you for the first time, for some of them it’s even their first time in Thailand. Don’t give them a shot of something like that. It’s like punching them in the face before saying Hi. We got what you need to make a great first impression.”

And we had what they needed.

mojosons 3 monkeys rum bangkok

 A Rum from Chang Mai Thailand

Our friend, Julian is a German bartender (and business Monkey), living in Thailand for years and he happens to make his own rum in Chiang Mai too.

He makes a light rum (like Bacardi but tasteful) that is perfect to make home made shots or Cocktails.

In a Mojito or mixed with Fresh fruits, you have a little taste of the alcohol and a great fresh after taste. It's a perfect brand for bartenders.


Anyway long story short, we ordered

  • 3 Monkeys Rum for Rum + Mixers.
  • 3 Monkeys Rum premix, which consist of 3 Monkeys rum mixed with either fresh lime, strawberry or passion fruit. Definitely a must try.


All this to say, it's always a pleasure to work with friends, especially when they make some kickass product.

If you want to try 3 Monkeys Rum you can find it in most of the (good) bars in Bangkok and of course at MaRumBa, Julian’s Bar.


Stop by MaRumBa for exclusive 3 Monkeys Rum Cocktails and great parties.

And from now, for our future public and private parties, expect to see 3 Monkeys rum in most of our parties and if you ever take shots with us on naked girls.

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