Where to watch McGregor vs Mayweather in Bangkok?

McGregor vs Mayweather is finally happening

After all this talk and promotion, it’s finally happening. In Bangkok, on Sunday 27th August, around 10am, the money fight will be going on and we’ll find out who’s the best boxer on the planet.

So what are you options to watch the match if you don’t want to pay 99$ for the PPV at home. Here are a few suggestions for you:

In Sukhumvit

The Kiwi Bangkok from 7 am, soi 8
One of the most famous Sport Bar in Bangkok but pretty small, get there early.

The Hooters Nana from 9am, soi 4
If the game is not enough for you and you want to look at the waitresses while waiting for the fight, here you go.

The Sportsman Sportsbar Bangkok from 7am, soi 13
Probably the biggest Sport Bar  in Bangkok, McGregor vs Mayweather fight will be displayed on both floors across 20 Screens. The bottom floor is already fully booked but they opened the top floor which can fit around 400 people. There will be enough space for everyone.

Mulli’s Sports Bar soi 11 from 8am, soi 11
Convenient if you’re just getting or Insanity or Sugar club, just cross the road and keep drinking while waiting for the game.

In Thonglor

Game Over Lounge from 7am
The trendy Game Over will be open and covering all the event. Good spot for tasty burgers and IPA beers too.

In Klong Toei

At the Birds Rotisserie from 8am
The brand new Birds Rotisserie will be open on Sunday for the match and for lunch, try their already famous tasty chicken, get a beer and enjoy Mayweather being smashed by McGregor (hopefully).

Here you go guys, enjoy, and may your favorite fighter win on Sunday. A lot of us have been waiting a long time to see that, we hope the show is gonna be as good as the promotion was

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