Why Bangkok is Famous for Bachelors?

Every year, we receive about 2000 inquiries for Bachelor Trips and Stag Dos in Bangkok.

And we know it’s just the tip of a massive iceberg.

Of course, the Hangover II movie has played a role in the rising popularity of Bangkok for Bachelor Parties, but Thailand already had a lot to attract single guys way before then. The movie just put it for the world to see.

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The Best Destination for Bachelors?

Bangkok is with no doubt high on the list of a lot of Bachelors “must go” destinations.

Western students on a gap year, Singaporean and Israelis that just get off the army, Hong Kong and Dubai Expats coming to blow off steam or crazy Aussies and British…

The reasons that attract bachelors to Bangkok are as varied as the origin of the bachelors themselves.

And Bangkok have a lot to seduce this specific crowd:

  • 🍻 Parties all year round
  • 🤩 Sexy Thai Girls
  • 💲 Awesome value for money
  • 🔞 Unique Experiences
  • 🙉 Did we talk about the Thai Girls?

Plus, with a rich culture, countless temples, delicious food, beautiful beaches and eternal summer, Thailand is the perfect alibi for their friends and family.

Of course guys are traveling there with their friends to eat Pad Thai (at 4am after the club) and get a great Thai Massage (who talked about happy ending?).

Isn’t it the reason all male expats decided to move to Bangkok in the first place?

nana plaza bangkok cover

Bangkok Red Light Districts

Here’s a place all bachelors will visit while in Bangkok.

Patpong, Soi Cowboy or Nana (Plaza) are a must see for groups of guys (and girls too).

There’s not that many places in the world where you can see Gogo Bars, BJ Bars, Ladyboys and Sex Shows in the same street or building.

But don’t expect to see chaos there, prostitution is still illegal in the Kingdom and the red light districts do a really good job at keeping the business “clean” and organized.

It’s not the Wild West as some videos suggest it. And don’t expect to find Gogo bars at every corners, or in every parts of the city.

Out of the red light areas, you will not find bars of this type so much.

But there’s a lot of insiders and fans of this venues, gentlemen club, soapy massages, gogo bars that do a really good job listing all of them.

A quick search on Google will tell you everything you need to know to have a good time ou there:

The Hangover II Movie

It would be impossible to talk about Bachelor Parties in Bangkok and not mention the Hangover II movie.

Of course, Bangkok and Thailand already had their fare share of bachelor and stag parties before it came out, but the movie surely took it to another level.

Like “The Beach” brought Maya Bay to the spotlight.

Sky Bar, where the rooftop scene is shot, is now full all year round and on the top of every “must dos” in Bangkok with their overpriced “Hangovertini” cocktail.

The Lebua Hotel, in the same building as Sky Bar, has branded a few of its suites “Hangover II Suites” and they’re quite popular even though they got nothing different from other 3 bedroom suites in the city. (No Monkey or Tiger inside)

Another area that benefited greatly from the movie popularity, is Soi Cowboy.

The small red light district between Sukhumvit Soi 21 and 23 now attract, not only Bachelors and Stag Parties, but all sort of tourists, including families.

So don’t be surprised if you see a 2 year old starring at a Gogo girl in Bikini at 10pm. This is one of the butterfly effect of the movie.

the pimp bangkok hostesses

Gorgeous Thai Girls

It would be impossible to cover the subject without talking about Thai Girls

Bangkok wouldn’t be the same without the beauty of its women.

And we’re not only talking about bar girls in Bangkok.

Every single guy that spend some time here will tell you, it’s heaven on earth.

Tinder, Happn, Bars, Gogo Bars, escort services, clubs, gentlemen clubs

Single guys will find endless options to meet girls.

And most of them will give you a genuine and fun experience that some of the bachelors coming in Bangkok don’t seem to have a lot back home.

bachelor bangkok gogo bar

So why Bangkok is famous for bachelors?

Because it’s a great place with a lot to offer, way more than strip clubs, gentlemen clubs and red light districts.

Nothing wrong about it, but we don’t think a movie would make such a difference, if the city and the country wasn’t build for this kind of fun.

So if you’re a bachelor coming by himself, with a group of friends or for a Bachelor Party, be ready to have a great time.

With the right insights, there’s no way Bangkok can disappoint.

Now if you need ideas for a stag do in Thailand or a bachelor night in Bangkok, we’ve got you covered.

And don’t forget to tell us your experience in the comment below.

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